Modular Paint Rack - WEDGE
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Modular Paint Rack - WEDGE

Paint pot display made of high-quality MDF WOOD. Assembly for this display is quick and simple. In case you want to reinforce it, we recommend using standard PVA glue (wood glue). This set includes joiners to be able to join them with other modules on the left and on the right. It is also compatible with GSW drawer modules.

The inner holes will allow you to place the paint pots both standing and upside down. Product may exhibit scorch marks due to the manufacturing process.

Measurements: 45ºAngle x 20cm Width x 10cm Heigth
Capacity per combination: 

- 11x 17ml pots
- 6x 17ml pots + 5x 30/10/18ml
- 6x 17ml pots + 2x 30/10/18ml + 3x Rolling pins

* This item does not include any paintbrush or paint pots. This item must be assembled, but includes assembly instructions.